Putting Green Artists Impression


Class of 2017 inductees

Rory Sabbatini
Bobby Verwey
Micky Janks
Ismail Chowglay
Laurette Maritz

Cock 'O North Inductees:

Ken Treloar
Gaby Tomlinson

Harry Brews Award:

Vernon Dickson

Class of 2016 inductees

Denis Watson (Zimbabwe)
Angela Hockey
Esther Gaille
H Gordon Stewart
Arthur Stewart

Special Recognition: Judy Angel

Class of 2015 inductees

Lewis Chitengwa (Zimbabwe)
Fulton Allem
John Fourie
Mrs A E Vernon (nee Ormsby)
Ronnie Glennie
H (Walter) Conyers Kirby

Class of 2013 inductees

Professional Golf: Rae Hast, Simon Hobday, Tony Johnstone

Amateur Golf: Arthur Walker

Women's Golf: Ruby Bright (Armstrong)

Special Recognition: Joe Dlamini

Class of 2012 inductees

Administrators: Peter Louw

Professional Golf: Jock Brews, Otway Hayes, Bobby Cole

Amateur Golf: Dave Symons

Women's Golf: Wendy Warrington

Class of 2011 inductees

Administrators: Charles Kingsley

Professional Golf: George Fotheringham, Cobie le Grange, Hugh Baiocchi, Jeanette Burd

Amateur Golf: Jannie le Roux

Special Recognition: Simon 'Cox' Hlapo

Class of 2010 inductees

Administrators: Maud Gibb, Jack Watermeyer

Professional Golf: John Bland

Amateur Golf: Clarence Olander, Jimmy Boyd, David Suddards, Bernard Wynne

Women’s Golf: Jackie Mercer, Gillian Tebbutt, Alison Sheard

Benefactors: George Blumberg

Special Recognition: Theo Manyama, Vincent Tshabalala, Richard Mogoerane

Contribution to Golf: Laurie Waters, Brian Henning, Phil Ritson

Class of 2009 inductees

Founding Fathers: Lt. Gen. Torrens

Administrators: AB Godbold

Media/Golfer: RG Fall, Denis Hutchinson, Dale Hayes

Professional Golf: Sidney Brews, AD ‘Bobby’ Locke, Gary Player, Harold Henning, Sally Little (Ms), Ernie Els, Nick Price, Retief Goosen, Sewsunker ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum, Mark McNulty, David Frost

Golf Industry: Robert Grimsdell, David Leadbetter

Amateur Golf: James Prentice, Douglas Proudfoot, Reginald Taylor

Women’s Golf: Rita Easton (Mrs - nee Leveten)

Benefactors: Johann Rupert

Harry Brews Award

In recognition of an individuals selfless contribution to the betterment, improvement, and growth of the game of golf.

2016: Nomads

  • Nomads Golf was first established here in South Africa in 1960. As its members were drawn from various clubs and played their regular competitions on a variety of different courses, the Nomads name seemed particularly appropriate.
  • Nomads Golf has flourished in the Republic with over 3000 members; it has established clubs in all provinces and its national championship held annually boasts 360+ players.
  • The Nomads movement then spread over time to Zimbabwe, Botswana to New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and subsequently Swaziland. Today there are close to three thousand Nomads spread around our clubs, all committed to our ideals of benefiting the game of golf and, in the process, raising substantial funding for causes that lend support for those less fortunate than ourselves
2015: Sol Kerzner

  • Built the Gary Player CC which caused all golf courses to lift their game and aspire to
  • Launched 1981 the Nedbank Million Dollar tournament which is still ongoing and the only true S.A. international tournament
  • Sun International continues to sponsor many amateur and professional tournaments nationwide
2014: Raymond Ackerman

  • 1978 Confronted then Prime Minister B.J. Vorster and obtained permission for Clovelly C.C. to become the first sport club to open to all races.
  • Encouraged people of colour to join Clovelly, funded, and donated the club to its members.
  • Started and funds the Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy.
2013: Honourable Andrew Mlangeni (MP)

  • He was arrested in 1963 together with Nelson Mandela, and at the Rivonia trial sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island. Before judgement, he told the court: "Though leaders of many countries throughout the world have tried to persuade the Government to abandon its apartheid policy, and although resolutions have been passed in the United Nations against South Africa, this has met with no result. All that the Government has done is to reply to the people's demands by putting their political leaders in gaol, and breaking up families".
  • He worked as a caddy from the age of 12 at Johannesburg G.C.
  • He found three golf balls on Robben Island and hid them in his cell to remind him that one day he would be free to play golf again
  • Chairman of the Parliamentary Golf Club

Induction Criteria

Those who are over 40 years, and who have made a significant contribution to Southern Africa golf, both locally and on the world stage, as well as those people who had either achieved excellence in the playing area of golf or who have made a significant contribution to the game.

Some of the criteria which will be taken into account include:

  1. Professional Golfers:
    • Minimum 40 years of age
    • PGA or LPGA tour member for 10 years
    • Number of PGA tour wins
    • Major win
    • Significant number of wins on either or PGA Tour, Sunshine Tour, LPGA Tour
    • Player of the Year on the PGA or LPGA Tour
  2. Lifetime Achievement
    • Honour those persons whose primary contribution have come from outside the competition arena
  3. Historical criteria
    • Honour professionals or Amateur players whose careers concluded at least 30 years ago
  4. Veteran's
    • Honour professionals or amateur players whose career concluded at least 30 years ago.
  5. Other
    • Lifetime Achievement
    • Teaching ability and results (professionals only)
    • Administration and / or working within the game
    • Promotion and staging
    • Media
  6. Political & Other Dispensation
    • Given the unique nature of Southern Africa's sporting and social history, candidates who were denied the opportunity to reach their full potential at national and/or international level will also be considered for nomination
    • Eligible candidates who due to their death do not reach the age of 40 will be eligible for induction in the year following their death
  7. Exclusions
    • Any persons as specified in (a) - (e) above, who in the view of the Trustees and Eminent Selection panel has brought the game of Golf into disrepute shall not be eligible as a candidate
    • Any inductee, who in the view of the Trustees and Eminent Selection panel has brought the game of Golf into disrepute, may be expelled